Monday, March 4, 2013

Paint Anyone?

Porter painted himself, my kitchen floor and living room carpet black! Brad and I were watching a movie on Sunday while Porter was playing. He usually plays really well and knows what he can and can not do in the house. We got to the last 5 minutes or so of the movie and zoned in since we were both really anxious to see how it ended. We were watching Argo if you haven't seen it watch it. Very good movie! Anyway, as soon as the movie ended I hopped up to see what Porter was doing in the kitchen.

This is what I found!!!!

 I keep my craft paint under one of my cabinets in the kitchen and he got into it. He was maybe 6 or 7 feet from us and he did all of this in about 5 minutes. Some how he was super quiet about it!! We both laughed so hard we couldn't really get onto him. Brad did sit him down and talk to him while I was cleaning up the mess. It all came right off of him and the floor since it was water proof. Well everything but my carpet! You can tell by the smile on his face that he thought it was HILARIOUS. Love this kid!!

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