Monday, October 13, 2014

Parker turned 4 months and had a check up

Our sweet little boy is 4 months old. We had his 4 month follow up last week on September 6. They gave him 3 shots and something he had to drink. He was 17 pound,  24.5 in. long and had a head circumference of 33.00 cm. His doctor said he looked great and expected him to be sitting up soon by how well he is already trying to support himself. I think he will be crawling before we now it. He already gets his knees under him and scoots forward. He is rolling all over and is really interest in his toys now. So proud of this big boy!
Then we tried some carrots when we got home. He wasn't a huge fan and actually gagged about 3 bites in. We also tried corn this week and he didn't care for that either. I guess we will stick to oatmeal for a little longer.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hunting Partners

Brad bought Porter his first Daisy BB Gun a few weeks ago. After a week of walking around learning how to hold it and be safe he finally got real "Boullets" as Porter says it. Him and Brad have been Dove hunting all week. He thinks he is grown and the coolest kid ever. He even watched for birds when we are driving to see if Daddy needs to come home from work to go hunt. He is so fun!

First Flag Football Game

Porter had his first football game on Saturday and he did awesome. It's so fun to watch him out there and he looks adorable in his little uniform. He enjoys playing even though he doesn't really understand the purpose of the game yet. I think he will after another game or so. He finally got to where he would block the other kids towards the end of this game. I think his favorite part was pulling the flags off but he hated when his flag got pulled! It's going to be a great season. We can't wait for the next game!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Parker's 3 Months

Parker was 3 months old on Saturday. He is such an awesome baby even though he still wants me to hold him 90% of the time. He loves being snuggled or just for you to talk to him. He even coos back at you. Laying or sitting by himself is his least favorite thing to do. He is sleeping really good at night. He sleeps from 9:00-3:30ish wakes to eat then falls right back to sleep. Some nights he will sleep till 5:30 which is pretty awesome! He loves being outside just like big brother. He still likes taking baths and laying in the water. If you put him on his belly he will kick him self all over the place. It's been a great 3 months baby boy!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Porter's first day of Pre-K

Porter has been ready to start school for the last year. Everyday he would tell us he wanted to go and would be so upset when I told him it wasn't time. Monday was probably the happiest day of his little life. He got up and got dressed and was ready to go! He walked in there like he had been there a million times. It was sad day for Brad and I  but we are so proud of him. He is the most out going and friendliest kid ever. Ms. Crumpton said that he did great all day and she made him the line leader for this week. He even took a little girls hand and let her walk around with him because she was sad when her mom left. I'm telling you he has the biggest heart! He makes us so proud everyday. He was even mad when it was time to go at the end of the day. Mostly because he didn't get a chance to play with the toys and he wanted in the kitchen area bad! He said he had fun though and was ready to go back this morning.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Porter's 4 Year Old Check-up

Porter is getting ready for school so he had to visit the doctor for a round of shots. He got one in each leg but he handled it like a big boy. He didn't cry at all just yelled OUCH when she stuck him. His Nana held his arms through the whole thing while the nurse held his legs. He couldn't move and inch so I'm sure that helped him from jerking and making it worse. Now is ready to start school on August 25!

Weight: 35 lb.
Height: 39.5 in.

Parker's 2 Month Check-up

Parker's 2 month check up went well other then the shots. He cried, then Porter almost started crying and Momma got sad. He is doing great though and growing like a weed. The doctor said he is making good eye contact for his age and holding his head well. He is a little chunkster but I love his rolls!

Weight: 13 lb. 2 oz.
Height: 22.5 in
Head Circ: 40 cm