Monday, October 13, 2014

Parker turned 4 months and had a check up

Our sweet little boy is 4 months old. We had his 4 month follow up last week on September 6. They gave him 3 shots and something he had to drink. He was 17 pound,  24.5 in. long and had a head circumference of 33.00 cm. His doctor said he looked great and expected him to be sitting up soon by how well he is already trying to support himself. I think he will be crawling before we now it. He already gets his knees under him and scoots forward. He is rolling all over and is really interest in his toys now. So proud of this big boy!
Then we tried some carrots when we got home. He wasn't a huge fan and actually gagged about 3 bites in. We also tried corn this week and he didn't care for that either. I guess we will stick to oatmeal for a little longer.

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