Sunday, February 17, 2013

A week without Daddy.....

Porter and I spent the last 7 days daddy less. It was the longest 7 days ever for both of us. Brad had the opportunity to fly to San Fransisco, CA for job training. We dropped him off at the Airport on Sunday which Porter really enjoyed. He was so excited about all of the planes flying around. We spend the rest of that afternoon hanging out with Nana and Papa. Which he also enjoyed cause he got hot chocolate and Marry Toppings ice cream. After all of that we spent the rest of the week hanging out at home. Porter was really really good while Brad was gone but you could tell he was getting bored and missing his daddy. If he heard a truck drive by he would run to the window and yell Daddy. He was looking for him constantly and asking where he was. We spend the next weekend at Porter's Aunt Tamara and Uncle Matt's so we could all go him from the airport. We took Porter on a train ride early that morning since Brad's plane didn't come in till 2:30. He LOVES trains so it was the perfect thing to do. He just sat there looking around yelling "choo choo" at everyone and waving. Just a little advice though. If you take the mini train ride in downtown Fort Worth don't forget change for popcorn. The train stops on the way back and a concession stand where everyone got off to buy popcorn. Tamara and I didn't know this so we didn't have any cash. Completely ruined Porter's train ride cause he wanted popcorn so bad. He got over it though but he made sure to make us feel terrible first. Then we headed to the Airport to pick up Daddy. Porter enjoyed running around that place while we waited. We were both more then happy to see Brad at the other end of the hallway.

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