Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Favorite Things and Lipstick

Porter loves to pull up a chair behind my sink and play with the COLD water. Yes, he know which one is hot and cold. He will touch the hot handle and say "HOT". He knows he can't turn that one on. It keeps him occupied while I cook dinner or do dishes but he also makes a huge mess. I sure hope this passes pretty quick! He also loves spray bottles! He learned how to push down the door latches on my cabinets so he can get in them. He will grab any bottle in there and start spraying away. So my cabinets are now banded shut and he has his own bottle with just water. He will walk around the whole house spraying things. He cleans his four wheeler my walls just about anything and everything. He is such a big help or at least he thinks so!

He also has a new love for corn on the cob! He will gnaw on that thing till it is completely gone.

This isn't a new favorite thing but I had to share. Porter got in my lips stick last week and put it everywhere. He thought it was funny till we started laughing and then I think he was embarrassed cause he started crying and hiding from us. He barely let me get this pictures and I'm sure he will hate me for it one day.

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