Friday, May 3, 2013

A little bit of fishing

We spent the weekend at Whitney Lake relaxing, fishing and enjoy family time. Porter really got the hang of fishing this time. He was able to throw his pole out some and was really good at reeling it in. He didn't catch a fish though! I think it was a bad weekend for fishing. Seems like we fished forever and Justin was the only one who caught a fish. The bigger fish in the pictures are from the big guys shooting the Buffalo Carp. Porter wouldn't touch them and wasn't really sure what to think of them. He liked catching the Perch though! Every time he caught one he would yell "I caught it". We spend the rest of the time playing, eating and feeding the ducks. We had these 2 ducks that kept coming up wanting food so we feed them cheeto puffs. They liked them and Porter had fun feeding them!

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