Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A few Christmas celebration

I would have to stay that Porter got more then enough gifts this Christmas. We had lots of fun watching him open every gift and be surprised. We started Christmas Eve at Nana and Papas and then went home to visit with Aunt Tamara and Papa. He was so excited about his Christmas Pajamas that he got from his Aunt Kim so we got him dressed, read the Christmas Story and it was off to bed. His Poppa bought him a dirt bike so it was next to tree with all of his presents when he woke up. Granny and Pawpaw also came over Christmas morning to watch him open his presents and eat breakfast. We had lunch at Nana and Papas then it was back home to spend the day playing with all the new stuff.
Porter and his new police car from Pawpaw

Christmas Eve at Nana and Papa's
Christmas Eve getting ready for Santa to come visit!!!!
Christmas Morning

Porter has a love for Trucks and everyone knew exactly what he wanted!!!
Granny bought him a chair just like Daddy's. 

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