Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Terrible Two's and A Big Boy Bed!!

I hate the term TERRIBLE TWO'S and I never wanted to think that my child would be terrible BUT he's there. It's not all the time but he does have his moments now. I thought I better write down what our night went like Monday with our grumpy little guy. 

It start about 5:15 after I picked him up from the sitter. She warned me that he would not lay down so he only had a 20 minute nap. (He usually naps for 2 hours) When we got home he decided that he DID NOT want to go in the house. So thinking I would let him burn off some energy we walked down the drive and he went to see his Granny. After he poured her cheerios in the dog food bowl and slammed a few doors I decided to headed home. I had to carry him in the house screaming mad cause he still wanted to play. After all that was over he decided he was thirsty and pulled a full pitcher of tea out of the fridge and it ended up on my floor. Thankfully the lid kept all of it from pouring it out. Then he wanted a snack so he decided on yogurt cover raisins. About 5 minutes after I handed them to him he dumped the entire box in my kitchen flour. As I'm on my hands and knees cleaning them up and putting them in the bowl he grabs the bowl and dumps them out again throws the bowl and takes off running. He was suppose to be helping me while I gave him a talk about why we didn't do this. He ended up getting a spanking and he had to sit on his bed with no toys or tv. Finally he settles down some and I think he knows what he did was wrong...... That's where I was wrong! I took him the bowl of raisins and turned on cartoons for him. I started picking up and not paying a whole lot of attention to what he is doing. Then I see something fly by me. Porter is standing on his bed throwing the raisins at me!! All I could do was laugh cause he thought it was the funniest thing ever and was seriously laughing so hard he had tears. I did have to take them away so I didn't have a huge mess.  A few minutes later daddy got home and took over and played hide and go seek for an hour then wrestled in the floor. He was exhausted by bed time!!

On a better subject Porter is now in a big boy bed. He has been sleeping in it for about 2.5 weeks now. He adjusted so well and I actually think he loves going to bed. All we do his tell him it time to lay down and he runs to his room and gets under the covers. I set the timer on the TV so he gets 30 minutes of cartoons then it shuts off and he falls right to sleep. I'm so proud of him for making the switch with no problems or fits. He is growing so fast and learning so much. It never stops amazing me!!

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