Thursday, June 28, 2012

Frogs, Pigs, Father's Day and Lots of Swimming

Porter has been busy the last few weeks!

He played with his first frog and even though he has a smile on his face is this pictures he didn't like it. Kay K is squeezing his hands together to make him hold it. Then he chased the pop belly pig around the front yard. He isn't fast enough to catch it but he tries so hard.

Father's day wasn't all that relaxing for Brad. We got up and had a good breakfast and then he spent the rest of the day putting brakes on pawpaw's truck. Porter loves working outside with his Daddy so at least Brad had a good little helper. 

We bought a new pool last week! We have spent just about every afternoon out there. Porter does great and won't sit in his float anymore. He just wears arm floats and kicks around. He picks up on things so quick!! He will be swimming around before we know it.
We went to his cousin Braden's 1st birthday party. Porter spend most of his time running through the sprinkler and swimming.

And this pictures is just because I think my kid is awesome!!

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