Thursday, March 1, 2012

Goodbye February...Hello March

Since I have been neglecting this blog I thought I would catch it up in one big post. (That means lots of pictures) We did so much in February! Porter had his 18 month check up and got a shot that he did awesome with and never even cried. Probably cause his daddy was there! He is at 27 pounds now. We went to the doctor 4 times in 2 week for a rash that covered his entire body. The doctor never figured out what it was or what caused it but thankfully it's gone. He was still happy through all of it! He watched cartoons with his bowl on his head and I'm still not sure why. He had his first over night stay with his Aunt Tamara. He did great and he got to play with Uncle Matt's fire truck. He enjoys his back rubs from Daddy while watching tv. His life is so hard!! We went camping again and he was excited about riding this time. We actually had a hard time keeping him off. He would sit on the big four wheeler until someone got on there and took him for a ride. He still enjoys his little four wheeler though and we spent about an hour each afternoon outside riding. He can point to his nose, ears and tongue when you ask where they are. He will roar like a lion is you ask him what noise they make. Still talks a lot but we still have no idea what he's saying half time. He will say "I want some" if he wants some of what your eating. He is growing so fast and I can tell that the full blown talking isn't to far away. So lets see what March brings our way!

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