Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Down South

As most of you know our grandpa past away last week so we made the long drive down south to see the family. I hate the circumstances but we were so excited to get to see everyone. It's amazing how fast people grow and change in a year. Our little brother and sisters have grown so much it was crazy! Porter and Kasen had a great time playing with them though. Porter also got to play with all of his cousin that are around the same age as him and meet all kinds of new people. I am so thankful that he isn't shy and plays with everyone! I'm also thankful for how great they did with all of that driving. The portable dvd player and DSI(that Kasen got from his papa and mimi while we were down) kept them occupied the whole 5 hours down there and 5 hours back. Well and food/snacks you know Porter loves to eat! Here are a few pictures from our trip. There is lots of stuff missing I just didn't have time to take lots of pictures. (Kim actually took everyone of these)

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