Wednesday, January 11, 2012

17 Months... A few days late

Porter turned 17 months on January 2nd!!! The last month was so busy for us and Porter is always keeping us going. He is actually scaring me with all the stunts and new things he is trying. He has started hanging upside down, jumping off of things and climbing up anything and everything. He's not afraid to try anything but he is scared to death of a vacuum cleaner. He runs in the other directions if I get it out and will make Brad hold him till I get done. He still eats anything you give him, he's 25 pounds now, added chocolate milk and diaper to his list of words, and he will point his tiny finger at you and tell you NO NO. (Not sure who he got that from!) This age is so much fun and Porter is so fun to hang out with. I'm ready to see what he learns this month!

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