Wednesday, July 6, 2011

11 months and an awesome weekend!

Porter turned 11 months on Saturday! (count down to his first birthday....27 Days)

Friday we went to Fredericksburg, TX with Porter's Papa Mahoney and Granny. It was such a pretty place and P did great on the drive down there. He napped, played and talked the whole way. We had dinner at a German restaurant where Porter had mashed potatoes and green beans. It's one of his favorite dinners! Then went for a short swim at the hotel before bed time. Randy and Lisa came down and Saturday we all went to the WWII reenactment and museum. It was a lot of fun and very interesting and I'm glad Porter will have pictures of him and his papa sharing this time together.

Monday was Porter's first 4th of July!!! We went to Nana's and had hot dogs and cheese cake. Porter's favorite part was the cake! We did a few fireworks which I'm not sure if he liked or not. He is to busy walking around and trying to get into everything. I swear he could walk around outside all day long.


  1. He's such a big boy!!!
    11months...25days it'll be 1year((tears))
    Wish I could've been there for the 4th!
    Seemed like y'all had a blast :)

  2. We did have fun but it was hot and exhausting. lol