Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Little Climber

Porter's new favorite thing to do! Climb on everything and yes it is very scary but it cracks me up! Brad was standing over there to take him down after I got a picture but I had to get one. The top pictures was from Sunday night and we had the music playing and his pictures going across the screen and decided to climb up to them. The bottom was from last night and he just stood there for like 5 mins watching tv. I love this kid!! He sure does make our night interesting!


  1. Oh my that would make me so nervous!!

  2. what a funny boy... parker does that too & i just try to spot him. i figure it probably helps his agility to figure out how to climb successfully?? haha, who knows.

    and you asked about keeping parker's hat & shoes on... ummm, he just does! he actually loves wearing shoes & asks to have them put on. and he'll only wear his hat outside (inside he won't wear it longer than 2 seconds), but we just kept putting it on his head & eventually he just left it alone!